Restoration Cloisters of S. Simpliciano - small cloister
Palazzo Martinengo - Sondrio
Restoration Cloisters of S. Simpliciano. Paul VI, 6 Milan
Restoration Cloisters of San Simpliciano - corridor classrooms Faculty of Theology
Restoration Cloisters of S. Simpliciano. Paul VI 6, Milan
Villa Mondolfo - Como
Palazzo Lambertenghi - Sondrio
The restoration work intervention aims to maintain the works and objects

Maintain the existing

The restoration process is aimed at preserving the efficiency of works and objects. It is an extremely delicate and complex process that requires extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.
The professionalism of Locatelli is focused on continuously updating its know-how and on meeting the special requirements of customers.
The restoration of historic buildings involves specific skills and expertise aimed at preserving the function and efficiency of the artistic heritage.
The Arturo Locatelli Company specialises in the recovery of prized wooden artefacts, reproducing any elements that cannot be recovered.